Reverend Dee Rev. Dee provides spiritual oils, books, candles, jewelry and other products that are often HAND-MADE and LIMITED EDITION items. She is the ONLY Southern California maker of real New-Orleans recipes conjure oils made with real, natural essential oils—no mineral (petroleum) oil! As a minister she officiates weddings and is available for other ceremonies and for consultation on magickal matters. Call 310-371-0274 or email eerieaerie@hotmail.com to order any item for Will Call at any of Rev. Dee’s public appearances. Call ahead to make sure we have what you need!

The Gaslight Gathering 5
October 7-9, 2016: The Town and Country Resort, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108. 619-291-7131. gaslightgathering.org
Denise will speak on absinthe, voodoo, perfume, tea, and other topics at this Steampunk and Victoriana convention. Special items will be available for purchase.
Here is a directions link: http://gaslightgathering.org/hotel/directions-map/
Gaslight Gathering 5 is at The Town & Country Resort Hotel, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, California 92108.

Friday, October 7 • 7 pm - 8 pm
A Requiem for Penny Dreadful
A presentation and slideshow about the literature, poetry, and Penny Dreadful genre that inspire the show: “Tennyson Is Dead!: the literary life of Penny Dreadful.”

Saturday, October 8 • 7 pm - 8 pm
Decadents (Writers and Artists) and Absinthe 21 and up only + a $5 Fee. There have been many legendary muses in the Victorian age, but none were as poetic as the Green Fairy. There will be tasting of this mercurial libation along with a discussion about its effect on various writers and artists of the time period.

Rev. Dee's Apothecary Fragrances!
1/2 OZ. FOR $8.95
R'lyeh Rising: Great Cthulhu is freed from his watering prison: aroma of froth and silt, rose marinus, dreaming lotus, primordial swamp.
R'lyeh Rising fragrance oil
Black Goat of the Woods: Iä! Iä! Fecund goat Goddess of the forest, she of ten thousand young: aromas of dark earth, deep woods, autumnal decay.
The Gate and the Key: Yog-Sothoth is the gate and the key; the stars are right: Aromas of inhaled absinthe, demon winds of the red desert, the spaces between the stars.

Rev. Dee's business cardRev. Dee (Denise Dumars, M.A.) is a college professor, a widely published author, and the owner of Rev. Dee’s Apothecary, a New Orleans-style Botanica. She studies and participates with diverse practitioners each year when she visits New Orleans, where she has family history. She is co-founder of the Iseum/Lyceum of Isis Paedusis, part of the Fellowship of Isis.

Gift certificate for a one-hour Tarot reading $25; a great gift! Did you know that Rev. Dee does Tarot card readings—your choice of numerous decks? Gift certificates available! Consultation in person or on the phone. She also does chakra balancing (in-person only) See Readings & Consultations page.

Namasté, Blesséd Be, Shalom, Salaam, Amen,
and Brightest Blessings from Rev. Dee and staff,
P.O. Box 83, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267 • (310) 371-0274 • eerieaerie@hotmail.com