Rev. Dee’s Handmade Candles

Winter Seasonal Supplies:
Hand-decorated seven-day candles: $14.95
Hand-painted candles with veves: $19.95
Half-size candles, painted/decorated: $12.95
Votive candles, painted/decorated: $5.95

Green/Red double action votives infused with frankincense and myrrh oils.

Oils: $7.95
The Morrigan
Three Kings
Winter Solstice/Yule

Incense: ½ oz $3.95
Winter Solstice/Yule incense with real bayberry bark, pine, and rosemary

Elegua candleBeautifully hand-decorated glass chimney candles with original art by Rev. Dee, including vévés*, sacred sigils, embellishments such as faux jewels, cowrie shells, ribbons, glitter, and images of the lwa, orisha, goddess, or saint. Here is our current Elegua candle:

Pomba Gira candlePeople tend to like the printed pictures, but the hand-painted vévé and, sacred sigils that Rev. Dee paints directly on the candle make them much, much more powerful. Please take this into consideration when ordering. For example, see our hand-painted Pomba Gira candle:

new candle
Some of our candles are limited edition, such as our NEW pure bayberry votive candles, cinnamon/rose petal candles, and bayberry/cinnamon candles!

Need a hand-painted Goddess or other spiritual purpose candle not listed here? Call 310-371-0274 or e-mail for special orders.

*What are vévés? A vévé is a sacred diagram or symbol that is specifically drawn to access the powers of a particular lwa or orisha. In New Orleans traditions, they are often painted on the floor, walls, or ceiling of a Voodoo temple (called a hounfour) if there is a permanent one. In Haiti and in rituals in multipurpose areas—out in nature, or in the home—the vévé is drawn on the ground with cornmeal, flour, or brick dust and is swept away after the ceremony. Many believe that the act of drawing the vévé itself imbues the object with the magick of the particular spirit or mystère, so candles with painted vévés are objects of divine power. These symbols are similar to Native American sand paintings, and may have actually originated with indigenous Caribbean peoples (Taino or Arawak). In New Orleans, both the lwas and orishas are represented with vévés, which is one of the ways in which New Orleans Voodoo differs from Haitian Vodou or Cuban Santería. These candles can be used by anyone who respects and wishes to appeal to the spirits for help in various ways, to honor the spirits’ presence, or to thank them for help already rendered. Each comes with complete instructions. Please dispose of candle remains in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Vèvè of Maman Brigitte

Hand-drawn veves, sigils, sacred symbols, dressed and blessed candles are special-order. Specify which orisha/lwa or need: half-size in glass: $12.95 seven-day in glass: $14.95

Baron Samedi
Ezili Dantor
Ezili Freda
La Sirene
Maman Brigitte
Oshun Oya
Papa Legba
Pomba Gira
St. Expedit e
St. Martha
Santa Muerte (specify color—no black)
Attract Business
Court Case
Gambler’s Luck
Get a Job
Get Away/Hotfoot/Move Away
Money Drawing
Stop Gossip/Tapa Boca

Notes on Lwas, Orishas, Saints, and the uniqueness of NOLA:
Who does Rev. Dee think she is? Is she qualified to do this work? Rev. Dee received her santo lavado in Mexico City, allowing her to work as a lay reverend with the orishas; it is a ceremony for those who do not wish to be ordained formally as santeras or santeros. She is dedicated to Yemaya and Elegua.

Rev. Dee travels frequently to Mexico, and she travels to New Orleans at least once a year to study the mystères. In New Orleans, it is believed that anyone can work with the lwas, although as with the santeras and santeros, manbos and houngans—the priestesses and priests of Voodoo—“serve the lwa” in a deeper and ongoing way. Rev. Dee has participated in an Anba Dlo ceremony, cleansing the streets of New Orleans of negative energies.

Likewise, one does not need to be Catholic to appeal to a saint. For example, many practitioners of Goddess religion revere Our Lady of Guadalupe, Joan of Arc, Hildegarde of Bingen, and many other female saints. Spiritualist churches in New Orleans revere saints such as St. Expedite and revealed prophets such as Black Hawk rather than lwas. New Orleans magick is the magick of the people, not of any one hierarchy or tradition, which makes it unique.

If you visit, do attend the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Shrine of St. Jude which includes only one of two known statues of St. Expedite in the U.S. It is the oldest standing church in New Orleans, dating from 1826, and is considered one of several “voodoo churches.” It is also the official chapel of the NOLA Police and Fire Depts. Aaron Neville, a devotee of St. Jude, sometimes leads the Sunday choir. Rev. Dee cleans off any dust from tops of candles with St. Jude oil that she bought at the shrine and uses in rituals.

SHIPPING: We’re trying to hold down postage and packaging costs; we prefer to spend our money on the products, not the packaging, as we don’t want to pass on costs to consumers! Because of Homeland Security regulations regarding the mailing of liquids, Rev. Dee or one of her minions will have to stand in line at the post office to mail your oils. So, here are our shipping charges:

1–4 oils or incenses; 1 spell kit; 1 votive candle $4.95
Half-and full-size 7-Day Candles: $6.95 each.
Books: $4.95 each or specify media mail (slower) for $2.95

WILL CALL: Consider picking up your order from Rev. Dee directly in the Los Angeles area. Contact Rev. Dee for information or to pick up at one of Rev. Dee’s events in L.A., Orange, and San Diego counties.

Prices may rise without notice; supplies vary in price and some items are limited-edition only. Cash, check, money order or PayPal ( accepted. COD OK at Will Call.
E-mail or call (310) 963-5101 to order. Ordering in advance is strongly suggested as we do not bring every item to each location and some items are made-to-order or limited. Send check or money order payable to Denise Dumars to:

Denise Dumars
Rev. Dee’s Apothecary
P.O. Box 83
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Legal Disclaimer: Oils and other materials are offered as spiritual and cultural curios only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Before using any of our oils or other scented merchandise or teas or herbs, please check with your physician. Aromatherapy oils should not be used on children or animals.

Namasté, Blesséd Be, Shalom, Salaam, Amen,
and Brightest Blessings from Rev. Dee and staff,
P.O. Box 83, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267 • (310) 963-5101 •