Ceremonies for Life Passages

Reverend DeeOfficiants work at a variety of life’s passages, all of which can be sacred milestones to be officially acknowledged and observed. Here are a few of the ceremonies I can perform. For wedding officiant information, please see the Wedding Officiant page.

Blessings for babies are called “Wiccanings” in pagan traditions. This and other non-Christian baby blessing ceremonies are available. Let me be your officiant for a baby’s sacred naming, Wiccaning, or similar blessing ceremony. Prices start at only $75 because, well, babies don’t have much money! :)

Coming of Age
The New Age and pagan “Rite of First Blood” and similar puberty rites can be celebrated with a party, ceremony, or a brief blessing, similar to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. I’m all about the punk rock, so let the fun begin! Prices from $75.

Croning Ceremonies
Let the wisdom of age be exalted and celebrated! A woman’s croning ceremony can begin once she has entered menopause and has ceased to menstruate for at least a year, or astrologically when she has reached her Saturn return. Similar rites for sages—male crones—which we prefer to call “cronies” are celebrated as well for men who have reached their Saturn return or age 65. Usually a full croning ritual is observed, and at only $75-$125 it is always Social Security-friendly!

Hospital Visits
With the exception of mileage and travel time, there is no charge for hospital visits in Los Angeles County and north Orange County.

Funerals and End of Life Counseling
A funeral can be as important as a wedding or baby blessing, for it solemnizes this important phase of life, and hospice and end-of-life counseling can help with the transition. There is never a charge for spiritual counseling. I can be a funeral officiant on-site at a chapel or cemetery, and depending upon length and complexity of ceremony, and the counseling of and inclusion of the bereaved in the ceremony, this is one of my most important functions as clergy. This is no time to worry about cost; financial hardship is always taken into consideration. Travel time and multiple meetings with family and other loved ones may, however, necessitate a small extra fee.

Pet Funerals
Sometimes our animal loved ones are as integral to the family as our human loved ones! I am happy to officiate at pet funerals. Prices start at $75.

Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual counseling in time of crisis is never a question of money. I only ask that requests for telephone or in-person counseling take place no earlier than 8 AM and no later than 10 PM. I am here for you! Please call me if you need me. If I cannot meet your needs I can most likely suggest someone who can.

I am always open to attending to other ethical spiritual needs and ceremonies. Please call or e-mail for more information: (310) 963-5101. eerieaerie@hotmail.com

Prices may rise without notice. Cash, check, money order or PayPal (eerieaerie@hotmail.com) accepted.
E-mail eerieaerie@hotmail.com or call (310) 963-5101 to schedule readings, or write:

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