Rev. Dee’s Oils
New Orleans/Voodoo/Hoodoo/Conjure/Santeria Oils

I started making Louisiana-type magickal purpose oils for two reasons: first, to bring Louisiana-type spiritual and conjure oils to Californians who might not otherwise have access to them, and second, to offer natural oils as an alternative to similar artificial oils. None of our oils contain mineral oil.

All oils come in an organdy bag with a ‘scroll’ explaining how to use them.

REV. DEE’S Spiritual and Magickal Oils
Essential oil blends with natural carrier oil, created during correct day/ time/ planetary hours. All oils except H.P. Lovecraft fragrances are $7.95; FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING, BUY AT MY IN-PERSON APPEARANCES!
Call for special orders: (310) 963-5101.

baume commandeur oilHere’s the big product announcement: Baume Commandeur, which is Commanding Oil. If you’re sick and tired of disrespect, especially in the form of prejudice of any kind, command respect! I finally had a bellyful of it. I made Baume Commandeur, I did the spell, and I got the respect—grudging respect, but respect nonetheless—from the one who had mistreated me. Each bottle of 1/4 oz. oil is made by hand; I can’t make a big bottle and then pour little ones because of the specific herbs and items that need to go into each bottle. Some of those herbs and oils are also expensive, so this is a labor-and-parts expense. I will send you a bottle PLUS the complete spell that I used which you can use to command respect for only $8.95. It’s time; don’t you think?

Fun Day of the Dead candles: $5.00
Three Artemisias incense: 1 oz, $3.00
Copal resin incense: 1 oz. $3.00
Santa Muerte incense: stick incense $4.00
Samhain/DotD ritual oil: 1/8 oz. $7.95
The H.P. Lovecraft Fragrances: 1/2 oz. $8.95
$5.95 shipping covers up to four oils, four incenses, or one candle.
Custom candles available by special order only: $12.95

Bindweed: 1/3 oz $1.50
Calendula (Marigold): 1/3 oz $1.50
Five-Finger Grass (Cinquefoil): 1/3 oz $1.50
Hierba Buena: 3/8 oz, $2.50
Lemon Verbena: 1/3 oz. $1.50

OILS: $7.95
John the Conqueror Oil with real John the Conqueror root: $7.95
John the Conqueror Incense with real John the Conqueror root: $3.95
Abundance Oil
Boss Fix Oil
Commanding Oil
Essence of Bend Over Oil
Get a Job Oil
Money Drawing Oil
Uncrossing Oil

Hot Foot Powder: $4.95

Blesséd Love: Love, attraction, friendship, goodwill, sensuality, love of deity. The only love oil you’ll ever need!
Fast Luck: See XXX Triple-Strength Algiers Oil.
Follow Me, Boy: Get men to notice you!
Follow Me, Girl: Get women to notice you!
Has No Hanna: Gamblers’ mojo bag anointing and hand wash.
Hot Foot Oil: It’s a restraining order in a bottle! Use to help bad neighbors and bad bosses move on.
Khus Khus: Self-esteem, self-confidence, happiness, attraction, good luck.
Louisiana-style Van Van Oil: Purifying, blessing, cleansing, anointing, adds power to other blends.
Oshun: Love, luxury, beauty, easy life, Our Lady of Caridad del Cobre.
Oya: Empowerment, careers, necessary change, willpower. See also Imbolc.
Protection: Protect self, home, vehicle, business, protection from theft.
Psychic Visions: Clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, use during divination.
St. Expedite Oil: Help in a hurry, payment for freelance work, gambling, love, protection.
Three Kings/Tres Reyes: Wisdom, study, success, Three Wise Men, Epiphany/Twelfth Night.
Van Van: See Louisiana-style Van Van Oil
Voodoo: Add to spellwork, anointing, power, strength, controlling.
Voodoo Nights: Extremely powerful love, passion drawing oil to wear or anoint.
Yemaya: Iemanja, Yemoja, Goddess of the ocean, fertililty, happy home, love, blessings, magick, patron of women, Our Lady of Regla.
XXX Triple-Strength Fast Luck Algiers Oil: Fast results in money, job, correspondence.

Beltaine/Walpurgisnacht/May Day/Floralia/Roodmas: Festival of love and fertility, divination; Belenos, Byelebog, Cernunnos, Artemis, Venus, Freya, Flora, Green Man.
Dionysos: Fall/Winter energy, Bacchus, Selenus, gods of wine, hedonism.
Hecate: Rites of Autumn/Winter, Goddess of crossroads, Triple Goddess.
Imbolc/Candlemas/Oimelc/Lady Day/Brigit. Element of air, Oya, Brigit, Maman Brijit.
Krampus/Perchta/Cert: Inspired by Santa’s scary European helper, this oil has evergreen, deep woods, and patchouli.
Lammas/Lughnasah: “Loaf Mass” the first harvest; Lugh, Danu, Demeter, Ceres, Vesta, Thoth, Isis, Horus.
Mabon/Autumnal Equinox/Michaelmas: The Witches’ Thanksgiving, second harvest; Demeter, Epona, Dionysos, Bacchus, Pomona, Thor.
Ostara/Vernal Equinox: Rites of Spring; Maia, Persephone, Flora, Frigg, Zephyrus.
Samhain/Halloween/Dia de los Muertos: Witches’ New Year; most powerful time of year, veil between worlds is thin, commune with the dear departed, divination, dark power. Hades, Hel, Morrigan, Nephthys, Anubis/Osiris.
Sekhmet: Powerful solar energy, protection, defense, strength, healing from surgery.
Summer Solstice/Solar Deities: Midsummer rites, solar gods and goddesses, Ra, Aganyu.
Yule/Winter Solstice/Saturnalia: Rebirth of divine child, forest magick, Holly King, Saturn, Mithras, Ded Moroz, Frau Holle, La Befana, Spider Woman, Amaterasu.

Has No Headache: Aids tension headache, migraine, stress. Inhale on cotton ball or use in diffuser/oil warmer.
Relax, Already: Use in diffuser or dilute for massage to calm nerves, relax muscles, ease anxiety.
Remember Me: Rosemary oil and other essential oils scientifically proven to sharpen memory, aid mental alertness. Throw away that energy drink and sniff this instead!
Just Breathe: Eucalyptus and other oils open up sinuses during colds, asthma, allergies. Sniff on cotton ball.



COLOGNES: individually priced

FLORIDA WATER: Murray & Lanman commercial cologne, used for cleansing, protection, light citrus unisex scent. 4 oz. $5.95

NAIA: Inspired by haiku, all-natural jasmine, ylang ylang, and exotic Asian woods, specify 4 oz cologne or 1/8 oz. perfume $5.75

VAUDOUX VIOLETS: Traditional New Orleans fragrance. Violet and lavender cologne will all natural lavender oil, 4 oz. cologne $8.95.

THE H. P. LOVECRAFT FRAGRANCES: Made for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival several years ago, Rev. Dee has recently brought these back! Nothing like them anywhere else, made with real essential oils! 1 oz. pure essential oil perfume, $8.95.

BLACK GOAT OF THE WOODS: Ia! Ia! Fecund goat goddess of the forest, she of ten thousand young! The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, the Old Ones shall be. All hail horns and cloven hoofs, the offspring of the damned! Scents: dark humus, deep woods, autumnal decay. Properties: Obscene abundance, filthy lucre, fertility. Element: Earth. Planets: Sun, Jupiter, Gaea.
THE GATE AND THE KEY: Yog-Sothoth is both the gate and the key; the one in all, Nyarlathotep carries his Word to his minions. The stars are right!The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, the Old Ones shall be. Scents: Inhaled absinthe, demon winds of the Red Desert, the spaces between the stars. Properties: Starry wisdom,dreaming between dimensions, Accessing forbidden knowledge. Element: Air. Planets: Mercury, Uranus.
R’LYEH RISING: Great Cthulhu is freed from his watery prison when R’lyeh rises, and Dagon calls the unnamable from the lake of Hali. The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, the Old Ones shall be. Scents: Froth and silt, rose marinus, dreaming lotus, primordial swamp. Properties: Deep emotions, covert powers, the ruler of the ocean: the mind that is held by no head. Element: Water. Planets: Moon, Neptune. R'lyeh Rising fragrance oil

SHIPPING: We’re trying to hold down postage and packaging costs; we prefer to spend our money on the products, not the packaging, as we don’t want to pass on costs to consumers! Because of Homeland Security regulations regarding the mailing of liquids, Rev. Dee or one of her minions will have to stand in line at the post office to mail your oils. So, here are our shipping charges:

1–4 oils or incenses; 1 spell kit; 1 votive candle $4.95
Half-and full-size 7-Day Candles: $6.95 each.
Books: $4.95 each or specify media mail (slower) for $2.95

WILL CALL: Consider picking up your order from Rev. Dee directly in the Los Angeles area. Contact Rev. Dee for information or to pick up at one of Rev. Dee’s events in L.A., Orange, and San Diego counties.

Prices may rise without notice; supplies vary in price and some items are limited-edition only. Cash, check, money order or PayPal ( accepted. COD OK at Will Call.
E-mail or call (310) 963-5101 to order. Ordering in advance is strongly suggested as we do not bring every item to each location and some items are made-to-order or limited. Send check or money order payable to Denise Dumars to:

Denise Dumars
Rev. Dee’s Apothecary
P.O. Box 83
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Legal Disclaimer: Oils and other materials are offered as spiritual and cultural curios only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Before using any of our oils or other scented merchandise or teas or herbs, please check with your physician. Aromatherapy oils should not be used on children or animals.

Namasté, Blesséd Be, Shalom, Salaam, Amen,
and Brightest Blessings from Rev. Dee and staff,
P.O. Box 83, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267 • (310) 963-5101 •