Readings & Consultations with Rev. Dee

Interpretive Readings
Rev. Dee does readings in person and over the phone. Gift certificates for readings make great gifts and are available in $20 increments.

About the readings:
Tarot readings should never be misinterpreted as “fortune telling.” The future is as yet unwritten, and what happens to a person is largely the result of the decisions one makes and the actions one takes. Readings can, however, be a powerful psychological tool for insight into a specific question or area of interest. Chakra readings and cleansings are done with the aid of a pendulum and can only be done in person.

A variety of decks are available; traditional decks include the Rider-Waite deck (also called the Colman Smith deck), the Tarot of Marseilles, and the Thoth Tarot deck. Unusual decks such as the Tarot of the Orishas, The Shakespeare Oracle, and the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot are also available for your reading. Inquire for more examples!
Interpretative readings range from $20–$80 depending on scope and time.
Gift certificates for a one-hour reading $25 until Valentine's Day; great V-Day gifts!

Chakra Balancing
Rev. Dee uses a pendulum to “read” the chakras to check for imbalances. She then balances them and teaches the subject how to balance his or her own chakras.
Basic: $20
Comprehensive: $40

As chakra balancing can only be done in person, chakra work is availalbe only in Southern California and a mileage charge may apply.

Prices may rise without notice. Cash, check, money order or PayPal ( accepted.
E-mail or call (310) 963-5101 to schedule readings, or write:

Denise Dumars
Rev. Dee’s Apothecary
P.O. Box 83
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Legal Disclaimer: Oils and other materials are offered as spiritual and cultural curios only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Before using any of our oils or other scented merchandise or teas or herbs, please check with your physician. Aromatherapy oils should not be used on children or animals.

Namasté, Blesséd Be, Shalom, Salaam, Amen,
and Brightest Blessings from Rev. Dee and staff,
P.O. Box 83, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267 • (310) 963-5101 •