Rev. Dee is also a Wedding Officiant

Reverend DeeRev. Dee is a minister in the Temple of Isis and in the Universal Life Church Monastery. She would be overjoyed to officiate at your wedding, whether it is a non-traditional religious service or a secular one.

Rev. Dee says, “A wedding is a special joining of hearts and souls. When a couple marries, a new phase of life is begun and the joyous possibilities of that life are to be celebrated! Let me help bring about that wonderful transition by officiating at your ceremony in your style, to ensure the best possible memories as you look back on your wedding !”

What officiant services do you provide?
Weddings, handfastings, and, once it is legal in California, gay and lesbian weddings and civil unions. See Ceremonies for Life Passages for other examples of my officiant services.

What types of religious affiliations do you serve?
I officiate at both secular and religious weddings. As a priestess in the Temple of Isis, I am familiar with a variety of New Age and alternative religious traditions, including most denominations of pagan and Goddess traditions, Unitarian and Spiritualist/Spiritist traditions, Buddhist, non-denominational Christian and Jewish traditions, and am happy to observe other traditions from a variety of cultures. I believe that the sacred is very personal, and respect and am happy to abide by the couple’s beliefs and learn their spiritual needs. Completely secular weddings are in my repertoire as well! “Atheist” is a term I value and understand.

Will you perform a ceremony at a non-religious site?
Though there are places designated as “sacred sites,” I believe that all of nature is sacred. I can suggest wedding sites in nature including beaches, parks, and totally nontraditional settings (yes, even cemeteries!) and am happy to officiate at the couple’s home or in a public setting.

What is your attire for the ceremony?
Generally, a dress/jacket or whatever outfit is appropriate to the theme of the ceremony and the wishes of the couple. I’m even prepared to go full Gothic for a Halloween or similar themed wedding! I can wear ethnic attire at the couple’s request, and I do have a variety of outfits and color combinations to please the style of the ceremony, but if the specific garb is not in my wardrobe a small additional fee may be necessary. I rarely wear a collar or stole, so if these are required as part of my attire, a small extra fee may be asked.

Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony, including the vows?
Absolutely! I have some standard vows, but prefer to either customize them myself for the couple, or have the couple customize them at no additional fee. I am a professional writer, so can easily write entirely original vows for a small additional fee.

Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, if desired?
I encourage couples to at least write a portion of their own vows, and will provide additional readings if they wish at no extra cost, and am always delighted to do so!

How long are your ceremonies?
This depends entirely on the couple. A ceremony can be brief or more elaborate, depending upon your wishes. Most couples prefer simple ceremonies and I believe that words are so meaningful that less can be more. If the service also includes a religious ceremony or ritual, then this of course is included at no extra charge.

Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
Because I feel so strongly about the sanctity of marriage, I prefer to meet with the couple at least once before the wedding.

Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
Yes, for a small additional fee, or even just a place at the rehearsal dinner!

Do you supply music?
I can provide music and recommend an excellent DJ, but do not have a sound system of my own to provide.

Do you provide photography?
I work with a photographer who is, like myself, a member of a metaphysical spiritual path who is happy to work at all types of weddings. If you have your own photographer, that is fine as well, but I would like to know in advance if the wedding is to be videotaped. If so, then I prefer that someone on-site help with my hair and makeup.

So, just how nontraditional do you get?
If you would like to get married in a cemetery at midnight on Halloween, I’m your officiant! I love themed weddings, and would enjoy helping plan nontraditional events, such as a New Orleans-style wedding with a second line procession, a costumed event, a wedding at a science fiction convention or similar occasion or pretty much any other nontraditional setting or theme … with the exception of nudist colonies. (One has to have some exceptions!) If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask!

What do you charge?
My lowest-priced weddings are just $99, and these are available to seniors and active military. Depending on the requirements for clothing and writing and performing the ceremony, most weddings will start at around $150, but I rarely would charge more than $500. Outside of Los Angeles County and northern Orange County there will be an additional fee for mileage, and food and lodging must be covered if the wedding is more than two hours’ drive from my home. My philosophy is to encourage the couple to economize on the wedding, so the amount of money the couple has set aside can be spent on the most important part of the ritual: the honeymoon! I can provide suggestions for honeymoon travel as well.

I look forward to serving the ceremonial needs of the bride and groom, and I hope you will choose me as your officiant! (310) 371-0274.

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